Who we are

We are all strictly volunteers. All dogs participating in the team are mixed breeds, adopted by members of our team and trained along with their human guardians for our programs by volunteer dog trainers.

SAPT Hellas is a non-profit organization with Christina Economou and Dimitris Liarikos (both emlployed in the private sector) who offer the organization their services (management, administration and training of the dog team) together with quite a few more volunteers forming the General Support and the Dog Handlers’ Teams, also free-lancers or employed in the private sector.

SAPT Hellas is not an animal welfare society in a strict sense, and as such, it is not a member of any Greek Federation. We do not have a shelter for dogs, as our work is in the field, in schools and institutions for the disabled.

All the team’s dogs are being monitored by vets on a regular basis.

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The Key Players

These are the ones doing all the work. All four-legged members of our team are of mixed-breed, former strays and trained!

Hall of Fame

Four-legged members that are no longer with us ...

Dog Handlers

General Support Team