Our Mission...

is to help dogs and people who need us.

SAPT Hellas
(Stray Action - Pet Therapy Hellas, a Non Profit Organization)

was founded in June 2005 with the following goals:

Informative Campaign

To inform children, the future citizens of Greece, both in theory and in practice – about the right behavior towards dogs (stray or owned) and sensitize them with regard to the crucial problem of stray dogs (“Informative Campaign” project).

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Pet-Assisted Therapy

To offer social/community welfare services to mentally or physically disabled people of all ages by bringing them in physical contact with cross-bred, former stray but now adopted and trained dogs of our volunteers (“Pet-Assisted Therapy” project).

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Adoption of Companion-Dogs

Τo help resolve, or at least alleviate, the “problem” of the ever increasing stray dogs by promoting and supporting with enough benefits the adoption of dogs without a home (“Adoption of Companion-Dogs” project).

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Of course, we quote the word “problem” because we, humans, created the problem, by abandoning our dog easily, not spaying or neutering our dog and by giving away or selling its puppies with no further consideration as to their very possible abandonment or neglect, etc. While you browse through our pages, you will very frequently come across the words “guardian” or “guardianship” of a dog instead of the words “owner” or “ownership” . Please consider this as our “stigma”. We find the word “guardianship” to be a much more suitable one because the time has come for people to realize that being the guardian of a dog (much like being the guardian of a child) entails much more in terms of responsibility than that of owning a car or a house.

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