Special Adoptions

μέσω SAPT Hellas
Athens Protodikeion Ruling number: 8533/14-06-2005 - SAPT Hellas.

Important Announcement: Abiding by Law 4039/2012, we deleted all dogs ads fostered temporarily by individuals without a microchip or the Athens Protodikeion Ruling number of an Animal Welfare Society. Please send us your ads as per the above by e-mail or register on our site to post them yourself.

“Special Adoptions” means:

1) adoption of dogs with disabilities

2) adoption of dogs by people with disabilities


To estimate the current age of each dog, please compare the posting date top of ad) with the stated age of the text in the ad. We do not have a shelter and do not rescue dogs ourselves. The dogs posted for adoption in our pages are either strays or fostered by third parties.
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