Sponsors & Supporters

your help is invaluable

Many thanks to our Sponsors...

  • ΜΙΝΕΤΤΑ Insurance, which in 2017 που which in the end of 2017 offered to print 15.000 informational leaflets, an amount that will cover our needs for 2 whole years.
  • The CSR Department (Corporate Social Responsibility) of “DEI S.A.” (Public Power Company) which, in September 2014, donated the amount of 2.500 euros. This amount covers crucial gaps in our top inelastic and operational expenses, such as gas, toll charges and maintenance cost of our team’s van – an irreplaceable “tool” for our visits to schools and foundations -, informational leaflets for children and adults, as well as some spaying/neutering or first aid services to our stray friends.
  • The company “KLEOS S.A.” for its contribution in the production and printing of our informational leaflets (8.000 items – September 2011). Also, “KLEOS S.A.”,  covered the 2012 yearly insurance cost for the van which takes our dogs and human volunteers to schools and foundations for the disabled. KLEOS SA helping us this year, the 2014 insurance second half of the year the van team visits.
  • Purina, which, acknowledging the importance of our efforts during the last 7 years, will donate -for a whole year- Purina PRO PLAN® dry food for all 14 four-legged volunteers who need to be on a very healthy and empowering diet and keep up their good work!
  • Virbac Hellas for the donation of 14 full rounds of the CaniLeish® vaccines (against canine leishmaniasis) for all the companion dogs and our “colleagues” during visits to schools and foundations for the disabled.
  • The Jeanne Marchig Foundation (UK – The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust) for funding the purchase (September 2008) of a laptop computer and a digital projector so we could enrich our presentations to schools with slides accompanying its oral part. Also, in October 2011, the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust funded the production of 300 posters (depicting pictures of children catering to the basic needs of dogs) that we leave as “reminders” to schools and foundations we visit and also covered the cost of changing the tires of our van.
  • Since its founding time in June 2005 and until May 2011, SAPT Hellas’ projects have been fully funded by the Stavros Niarchos” Foundation, which shared the vision of creating the organization and significantly contributed to its founding and operations. Via three consecutive grants the Foundation funded all of SAPT Hellas’ projects and other operational expenses for the periods 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 (for more information concerning grants to SAPT Hellas, please follow visit www.SNF.org. SAPT Hellas’ cooperation with the SNF has been an honor and it rendered the organization effective, as well as recognizable in the area of social services. We have changed and will keep changing the mentality of many-many people, as this change is an integral part of the “future” of stray dogs in Greece.

... and Supporters!

  • The “Haniadakis S.A.” company, for the truly sizeable discount in the price of our van, a Citroen Jumpy Combi (2.0L-9-Seater), funded by the “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation.
  • The Geointelligence company for the donation of a state-of-the-art navigation system ( Globalnav Z350.11 and the accompanying map software giniusDRIVER) so that our Visiting Team can always and in time find it’s way around it’s many destinations.
  • Penelope Voutsinou (mapenelope), guardian of sweet dogs Markissia and Kika who, with her graphic arts expertise, has been volunteering in the production of SAPT Hellas’ leaflets and electronic messages that we send to all of our friends and supporters.
  • The dog grooming salon “Dogs in the City” in Cholargos (Facebook page) owned by Mrs. Afrodite Bina who offered unlimited groomings to the dogs of our team! (Tel 210-6520979 – email dogsinthecity.abina@gmail.com)
  • The Pet Spot petshop in Agios Stefanos (Facebook Page), a very friendly and “inspired” petshop which does not sell animals and offers our team’s dogs their treats for all their good behavior and their big hearts!
  • The EVRODIASTASI schools that promote our projects through their informational brochures and posters in their premises.
  • The Dog Grooming Salon “Dogs in the City” (Holargos-Facebook page) owned by Ms. Afroditi Bina which, as of 2012, offers us unlimited dog groomings (Tel 210-6520979 – email dogsinthecity.abina@gmail.com)
  • Mr. Andreas Voukenas (layout and production, tel. 211-4008531/cell 6948-366006/antreasv@gmail.com) who covered our van with stickers in SAPT Hellas’ distinctive colors, with a great sense of taste and at a very, very competitive cost.
  • Mr. Nikos Drepaniotis, a good friend of SAPT Hellas who offered ( December 2008) almost the full amount of money necessary to purchase a second laptop computer that helps us take care of our communication and/or administrative tasks or slide presentations workload more efficiently.
  • Mr George Tsekouras who as an individual, never forgets to strengthen us through a bank account.