Vocational Training Center “Margarita”

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Client Vocational Training Center "Margarita"

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Our team today visited the Vocational Training Center ΕΕΑ “ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑ” to meet the beneficiaries of the educational and vocational programmes.
Lou, Balou, Hiona and trainee Laura, won pats from even the most skeptical ones (e.g. a girl who said she was “sickened” by them but soon after patted Hiona)!
Some of them even went for walks.
And some had such a strong connection with the dogs that they left us speechless. Baloo, for example, with a Down syndrome boy who was patting her on the head – despite our initial instructions – not only didn’t mind but was actually almost lulled to sleep… (anyone who knows Baloo, alo knows that she doesn’t get easily, if ever, lulled)
Priceless experiences. Thank you  for the invitation!