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«She was still a newborn when she was found in a trash bin», Christina said. « She is very sweet, that’s why I named her Melenia (made of honey). No one has called her by her name, though. She has already been adopted and returned by two families. Since then, a year now, she has been living alone in a shelter. I couldn’t leave her on the street. At least there, she is safe from cars and poisoned food. Really, I can’t understand why such a sweet dog hasn’t been adopted, yet.»

«She was found in a trash bin?» I couldn’t believe my ears. Who could have done that to such a wonderful and joyful creature? She was looking at me with her sweet brown eyes and my heart was ‘melting’ . It didn’t take me long to decide that she was the one I wanted to adopt. I petted her belly as she was lying on her back in front of my feet. «I found her. She is the one I want to spend my life with. I ‘ve made my decision».

«A few days later, I found myself in my new home. I like it a lot but I feel stressed. She leaves, but will she return? I feel so stressed that I cry and howl all day. I can’t be on my own, not for a minute. I feel scared. I scratch doors, spill my water, jump on the couch and chew whatever I find.

Frosso calls me Tai. I like this name. Time passes by and Frosso keeps leaving but always returns. She wants me! She really does! I have a cozy bed to sleep in and I discover the beauties of the world. The sounds, the colors, the smells… oh how I love the smells (especially in the kitchen)!

What I love most is when Frosso and I take long walks in the country. Or maybe, when we lie on the floor and play? No, the thing I like best is when we go on vacation and swim in the sea. No, no. I think my favorite time is when she lets me lick the yogurt from the bowl. Hmmm… or maybe not, OK, I’ve made up my mind: my favorite activity is when we wear our yellow shirts and meet other people with dogs and yellow shirts. We always have the time of our lives.

The time I felt lonely is now forgotten and gone. Frosso has also forgotten how sad she felt without me. One day, she whispered in my ear that my name, Tai, means ‘Cure’. I share this with you, but I trust that it is going to be our little secret…ok?»