Special Elementary School of Oropos 

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Client Special Elementary School of Oropos 

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We have visited this school in the past. It houses 11 children, all very dear and in excellent relationships with their teachers, whom they really trust. George and Vicky stood out during this visit: George, who has spastic paraplegia, severe mental retardation and absence of speech and despite the fact that he is still adjusting to the new school environment, still came outside in the beautiful sunshine and rejoiced a walk with our dogs. Vicky, who has autism with medium functionality and absence of speech, initially did not want to see any dog and was screaming in panic. However, towards the end of our visit, Vicky, closely held by her teacher, touched the ears of our Luna and was not shouting anymore. Another star of our visit was our new volunteer dog called Mickey (or Shortie… ), escorted by Serafina, who took the baptism of fire and did very, very well!