Rallion High School for girls of Piraeus

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Client Rallion High School for girls of Piraeus

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Yes, when there’s a will there’s a way. And the students, with the help of truly gifted educators, will always show the way!

Raloo … when a school adopts 4-legged palsη Ραλλού!

Raloo is a medium sized female dog, officially adopted by the Rallion High School of Piraeus. She was found abandoned in Drapetsona by a few of our school’s students. She was clearly in danger as a stray: Passing cars, no proper or enough food and water, but most importantly, surrounded by hostile people who should be called humans. Not only had her “owner” tied her inhumanly with a chain across his residence but was also threatening to throw her in the sea (!) as Raloo was defensive toward neighbors and passers by.

The local students contacted the Animal Welfare Group of Rallion so that they could rescue the poor pouch. In a short while with the unanimous decision of our school’s student and teachers’ bodies, we initiated procedures to adopt her.

We consulted with the district’s Head of Environmental Education and the Municipality of Piraeus, which owns the Rallion premises. Then we contacted the Animal Welfare Society of Piraeus which in turn brought us in touch with DIKEPAZ which undertook her blood tests, spaying, micro-chipping and full vaccination. Of course, we knew all along that our schools premises were not adequate for a pet. So, we started building a suitable shelter for her and while we were getting it ready for her, Raloo was boarded in a kennel and we visited her quite often.

And then, it was finally time to bring her “home”! Students were of course thrilled and always choose to spend all of their free time with her instead of engaging into any other activity. Last, but not least, parents are also helping a lot by taking care of Raloo during weekends and holidays and we of course have a lot of options to choose from for Raloo’s summer vacation!


The students of the Animal Welfare Group of Rallion High School of Piraeus

Some pics of Ralloo and of course pics from SAPT Hellas’ visit