Rallio Highschool for girls of Piraeus

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Client Ράλλειο Γυμνάσιο Θηλέων Πειραιά

Project Description

We have been going to the Rallileion High School for Girls in Piraeus every year since 2009. This time we even had with us Laura, a trainee dog, mixed-breed and a former stray, of course.
Worth mentioning that this is a school which, besides having an organized animal welfare group, in 2015 they rescued and adopted the abandoned and malnourished then Rallou from Parnitha. Coincidence? Nah….
Of course, in addition to taking incredible care of Rallou while the school is open, beautifully and responsibly, when the school is closed, families of the students and teachers take turns in keeping her in their homes.
We are incredibly happy for our contribution and of course we are there for them in whatever they may need.
#therapydogsatwork #yellowteampower

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