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Napoli was found in 2012 on a main street of Nea Kifissia at the age of about 3 months. She was even swept away by a car and Katerina who ran to help her, found her scared and hiding under a car. She was fine though, as confirmed by a vet. She took her in her arms and for hours searched the surrounding houses and shops to see if she had run away somewhere. And she placed ads. Nothing. Napoli got her name from… the Italian city Natpoli, which is known for its free-spirited “crazy” people and where Katerina had returned from a few days earlier. Because Napoli was also a crazy little puppy, full of joy and wits. But of course, she immediately joined the pack along with Lucy and the veteran Luna of our team. And early on, it was apparent that she learned everything quickly and easily and of course she was crazy about attention, both from family and even more so from young or old in schools and institutions.