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I’m told Ι really had the perfect “specifications”. I was young, just one-year old, white in color and weighing just a bit over 5 kgs. Perfect pros for a loved and protected pet dog, yet, I found myself living as a stray. I didn’t understand what had happened but I was terrified. A lot of people were passing near me, but they didn’t seem to care about me, and because I was afraid, I didn’t approach them either.

I briefly stopped outside a store and had a peek inside. Maybe something in my eyes revealed how lonely and desperate I felt becuse a girl came out and with a calm voice said “who could have left you alone my sweetheart?”

I wasn’t sure if I could trust her but the food she offered me was most welcome. So, timidly, I started walking towards the entrance. That was it! I found a new home and people to love me.

Since then (almost 6 years ago) I never felt alone again! Imagine that we even work together at this office!! At least that is what I’d like to think we’re doing …

But, as of late 2012, we also do something else together with Roy, the girl. We volunteer for SAPT Hellas. And you know something? I like to believe that I have a hand, excuse me, a paw, in averting other dogs, big or small from feeling the horrific experience of abandonment!

Moera passed away in eraly 2016 and she will be gretly missed. She was tireless, as long she was accompanied by her beloved Roy. No matter how long the hours, she stuck around meeting hundreds of children, helping them familiarize themselves with dogs.