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It is springtime already, and a beautiful May afternoon. While taking my usual evening stroll, at the cape I live in Mitilini, I suddenly see a boy and a girl. I immediately decide I want to meet them. I approach them and touch the boy’s leg with my muzzle (you see, it is my way of saying “hello there buddy”) and start following them. I like their smell; they seem really nice that is!

After a while, they enter a property and they leave me outside.

“Whoops” I am thinking. “This is definitely not enough; I want more. Hah! You think you can get away so easily?” I see a small hole in the fence and go through it immediately, reach them in an instant and tell them “Hey! Remember me?” The boy though redirects me outside! “What a nice game” I think to myself and I re-enter from a different spot this time. We played this game a couple of times but soon they must have gotten bored of it so we all walked down towards the house where we met two other really nice folks.

They gave me water and fed me and then they spent a long, long time trying to remove some small black bugs from my body that really bothered me. I think they are called ticks. Occasionally in hurt but I stayed absolutely put, as I sensed this was all for the best.

During the night, they left me loose on the porch and it started raining heavily but I wasn’t scared at all! I was sure that I didn’t want to go anywhere else, so I cuddled up until morning waiting for them to wake up.

As of last summer, I have been living with the boy and the girl, given that they accepted… my offer to adopt them, much like the offer of their three cats… They are very strange those cats. I want to play with them but they are probably afraid of me; When I go to them all excited and clearly stating with my body language that all I want is to play, I guess they just don’t get it, and they leave. But I think it’s just a matter of time for me to win them over!

Now we live in Athens. It couldn’t have been more different than the cape I called home, but I definitely prefer it because at the cape I was all alone. Here it is crowded and has lots of cars and strange noises as well as many other dogs that I want to get to know and play with. I met them during the amazing walks we take with “mommy” Peli and “daddy” Dimitri, both close to home but also far away along beautiful rivers and forests.

You can’t imagine how lucky I am. I feel really loved and showered with attention and petting.

Some of my best days are when Peli fits me with a a yellow vest and we some other dog pals, also wearing vests, to schools where we meet many kids who pet me exactly the way I like it.

Every day is a new super exciting adventure. Oh. I almost forgot! I now have a name! My name is Melis and I am happy. Peli and Dimitris and the rest of the volunteers, also in yellow shirts tell me that in Greece where we live, I am one of the few lucky ones.