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A nice black dog cheerful but also peaceful with a leading character was expecting us at the new building of the Ministry of Education next to the Mall when we arrived in 2006. In the beginning, he was just coming around to get to know us better, then waiting for us every morning at the gate, playing and sometimes bringing the favorite ones to the train station or the bus stop, then coming back «home» again. Soon, we started loving him and taking care of him (took him to the vet who told us that he was a healthy one-year-old dog). Next to the ministry were two other friends of him: Asproula and Spithas. We brought all of them together and arranged a special room for our new friends. Then I had this idea of making Markos an “ambassador of good practice” given his temperament his role in the Ministry. I contacted SAPT to see if there would be a chance for him to learn and become a member. Mrs. Economou came immediately along with two other volunteers and so Markos and I started training as a new two-member team. This has been very useful to both of us and Markos started his new “career” as a SAPT Hellas dog.

Markos passed away in the summer of 2016 after losign the fight to cancer. He was an acve four-legged member of our team and was always a strong symbol of how joint efforts, even of public authorities with private voluntary groups can “work wonders”.