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What more can we say about Mardook? Isn’t it enough that he used to be one of the thousands little Ghosts of Aspropyrgos? Indeed he was… and what these ever increasing abandoned pooches are going through is known to all, despite the persistent and tedious efforts of the “Ghosts of Aspropyrgos” group. Roy Bolonaki, a member of both the “Ghosts” and our team chose to adopt Mardook. How can one choose? The decision is so difficult, and its a bitter/sweet one, knwoing that not all of them can be saved, how could they? But at least they are fed, vaccinated, de-wormed and spayed/neutered with the help of the group’s friends, including a few spayings that SAPT Hellas managed to offer.

Mardook, “came” to us having gone through some basic training, a sign of our times one could say, as it means that someone actually spent time training him before… abandoning him. We’ ll refrain from commenting on this one, leaving it up to you to offer a “rational”  explanation.



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