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It was Easter Sunday, after I had thought deeply about it, I decided to cross the motorway. I was trying to dodge all the cars, which were madly racing along the road, when a car stopped. A girl got out of the car and saved me from the terror of the racing cars. She took me in her arms and it until we found ourselves in a safe place I stopped shaking like a leaf. When I understood that everything was okay, I started to lick her hand. Wow, Katerina decided to adopt me!

Five years have passed and Ι am enjoying a happy life with my family and the other dog, my friend, Speedy. We all look after each other and spend a lot of our time together.

Ι have another life than living on the street now, I am a volunteer for SAPT Hellas. Together with my friends, we are devoted to make things better for people and dogs. From one of the many conversations that Katerina and I have, I remember her saying to me “Luna, Thank you for finding me”.

Luna, the team’s “cat” as we used to call her, given her small size and looks, “flew away” from us in the Summer of 2017. She will be greatly missed but we believe she has joined all out other beloved 4-legged pals…