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Liselle, a cute half-bred puppy living on a sidewalk on a main street in Nea Erythrea. After being hit by a passing car, Liselle ended up with a limp and a great fear towards everything on wheels.

When we stopped to check out what was wrong with this puppy, we found out that a neighbor provided her food and water but was unable to adopt her since he already had two poodles. But this was not good enough, since such a busy street is no place for a puppy. We couldn’t risk leaving her there and being hit again by the next speedy car. So, we decided to take her home “temporarily” until we find a good home for her.

Time passed and Liselle kept on winning us over with her sweet and funny personality. We noticed that due to her sensitive hinder legs, she had developed more the use of her front legs in way similar to human hands! Our vet suggested that there was nothing wrong with her hinder legs, she was just afraid to use them. It took some custom-made physiotherapy sessions at home to make her start using her back legs and after a while they became as good as her front legs.

After all these efforts and time spent together, giving Liselle for adoption was out of the question! Today Liselle is a sweet and calm six-year old dog with a preference in frosting sugar which she loves spreading around! Even though her hinder legs grew strong, she still has the habit of using her front legs like hands. So when she wants to pay us a visit, she has a simple, doggy manner of letting us know: she rings the bell!