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Jora (Greek for “Tough Cookie”) is the lucky one of the team, since she doesn’t have first-hand experience of the “street life”. Even though she is a half-bread German Shepherd, she was never a stray. She is a member of our family since she was two months old.

However, Jora is an equal ex-stray member of SAPT, since she paid her dues by teaching the basic training skills to many stray puppies which they sheltered together with Gina.

Jora is a dynamic, impatient and somehow nervous dog (taking after her “mom”). At the same time she is a lively, joyful and playful little creature. She even shows signs of emotional intelligence by adjusting her behavior accordingly when she is on a mission with SAPT. During our visits to schools and foundations, she can be very tender and calm like a good pet-therapy dog. Jora’s enjoys spending time with kids and adults with special abilities and she loves kissing children on their cheeks or ears!

Jora passed away in 2014, having lived a very fulfilling and happy life and after having given the chance to Gina and Giorgis’ children to have her in their company. She was really adored by all who knew her