International School of Athens

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Client International School of Athens

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This visit was all the idea of young George, a gifted student of the International School of Athens, who, for this year’s project chose the topic of “Animal Abuse” and took the initiative, all on his own, to invite our team over, to enrich his work and offer more insight to his classmates. Geοrge was really happy we could make it and we were of course so happy to get this special invitation. George sent us the following letter following our visit.

“Dear SAPT

Thank you very much for the visit to our school. The students learned a lot of valuable information about the proper treatment of dogs. I loved the interactive learning experience that you gave everyone who was there. It was a unique opportunity for everyone to participate in a learning experience that was very informative and fun. I believe that it was a “once in a life time” experience for everyone and I am very grateful to you that you made it possible. Your presentation was exactly what I imagined my action plan needed and I’m glad everything worked out.