Hellenic Society for the Protection of Autistic People& an article in “Kathimerini” Newspaper

Project Info

Client Ελληνική Εταιρεία Προστασίας Αυτιστικών Ατόμων (ΕΕΠΑΑ)

Project Description

The visit of our team to the “Sirios” Day Centre of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Autistic People was full of emotion and “unlocking” of the beneficiaries. A typical example as sent to us by Xenia Giannaki, the scientific manager of the Center:
“G. is a new member of Sirios’ population and he usually does not like crowds and a lot of stimuli accompanied by noise and voices. It was a surprise for us trainers that he remained very curious and calm in the room throughout the visit. Where at first she seemed to be afraid and backing away from the dogs, he ended up sitting relaxed on the couch and stroking Bunny’s head and ears with much tenderness and careful movements.”

“Touch is food for the heart”, as the lovely Aphrodite Stathi of Blossom Advanced Communications says;  She knows our work and has “taken us by the hand” and help make it more visible.

And not only that! Lina Giannarou wrote about the visit in Kathimerini newspaper.
An article (in Greek) worth reading and hopefully conveying the unique experience we also got that day: https://www.kathimerini.gr/…/o-distagmos-egine…/...

Photos below from SAPT Hellas and EEPAA / More and of course amazing (!) by Nikos Kokkalias in the Kathimerini article.

Also, enjoy the short video “Touch is food for the heart” made for the visit by Blossom Advanced Communications.