Ecole Franco-Hellenique “St. Joseph” in Pefki

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Client Ecole Franco-Hellenique "St. Joseph" in Pefki

Project Description

Our volunteers Frosso Matsouka and Christina Economou visited the Ecole Franco-Hellenique “StJoseph” in Pefki . The invitation came from… Christina Oikonomou (not a mistake, but it is a bit funny, especially the introductions during the first phone call between the two.) Mrs. Oikonomou made sure to introduce us by referring to our 17-year effort in the best terms!
The kids were quiet, but with questions (they weren’t bored that is!). As for the teachers, they couldn;t ‘t hold back until it was time to meet the dogs, Hiona and Lou. We even had to ask them to move away from the stage so the students wouldn’t get jealous! Excellent experience. We could be in schools like this every day, all day long.
#therapydogsatwork #yellowteampower