Companion animals’ Adoption Day-Municipality of Zografos

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Client Companion animals' Adoption Day-Municipality of Zografos

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On the occasion of the World Stray Animals Day on 4/4, the Municipality of Zografo reminds us that stray animals are everyone’s business.

And, on Sunday 7/4/24, the Metropolitan Park of Goudi, the Municipality organized a celebration of adoption of homeless pets.

Our team was also invited. We spoke, once again, to a wide audience of young and old, about how dogs, both owned and tray, perceive our body language and how we can get to know a dog by showing them, again with proper body language, that we are friends. Afterwards, many children got to meet the semi-blooded, formerly stray and trained dogs of the group, Lou, Hiona, Meli, Blacky and Laura, and put into practice what they had heard earlier, asking quetions and learning even more from our volunteers.

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