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Hi, my name is Clairie! Unfortunately, my story is not very different from the stories of many other dogs, as Serafina tells me. When I was a 2-month old puppy, I was adopted by a family with two young children who loved me very much! However, a few months later the parents got a divorce and the children with their mother moved to another town, many kilometers away. I thought that I stayed with the father because he loved me, but all he wanted from me was to grow up so that he could make me have puppies over and over again. He thought I was a pitbull and that he could make a lot of money by selling my babies… When I was about 9 months old, he finds out that I am not purebred, so he takes me for a walk, ties me up on a bench and walks away. I wait and wait… As it starts getting dark, I am very afraid, but I don’t know what to do. I fall asleep and as soon as the sun rises I decide that I could not stay there any longer! I had never been alone before, I was cold, terrified and hungry. It took all the strength that I had but I manage to break the leash I was tied up with (thank god, I am a very strong little doggy). I start running like crazy, trying to find the way home and after a while I end up in a large street. People are walking up and down so, as soon as someone is approaching me, I run towards them but nobody seems to care… Some of them are yelling at me, others are kicking me, but I never give up! Suddenly I see a lady with a beautiful, golden dog walking down the street. That’s it, I think to myself! As they start closing up, I run to the lady and sit in front of her pushing on her legs. She lowers down to me, pets me and tries to find any sign or tag with my name or my owner’s phone number, but to no avail. She takes me to her home and it is so nice! It is warm and there are lots of toys and food and water! I am so hungry that I eat the food even before it reaches the dish… Serafina takes pictures of me and uploads them to internet in the hope that someone has lost me and will see me there. She then calls her friend Christine (who would later on become my teacher in SAPT) and tells her that if she cannot find my owner within 15 days, she would have to put me up for adoption. The days go by, no one is looking for me and I am having the time of my life! I eat, play with the big, golden dog named King (or rather “I make his life a living hell” as Serafina keeps telling me) and I go for long walks. One day, Christine calls and tells that a family is interested in adopting me. That’s it! Serafina, with tears in her eyes, tells her that we are now a family and that I would never leave our home… I am so happy! It has been one year since that day, our life is perfect and I am very proud to tell you that I am now the youngest member of SAPT Hellas! We go to schools and I meet young children that remind me of the ones in the family that I grew up. I would never change the life that I now have, however I loved these little kids and they loved me, so I will never forget them…