Campaign “The Dogs Clean” First Action: Varybobi

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Client Campaign "The Dogs Clean" First Action: Varybobi

Project Description

The first action of “The Dogs Clean Up” campaign was successfully carried out On May 16th, 2010. We would have liked to have more people joining us, however, we are proud to say that we cleaned up everything and put it in 67 garden bags (!!!!) which we tied up and left by the road side for the Municipality of Acharnes to pick up the next morning. The Supervisor of the Environmental Department of the Municipality Mr. Raphaelides was present throughout the action in case we needed anything else. Well, to us it is common knowledge that all you need to accomplish your goal is good organization, motive and hard work. The SAPT Van was also driving up and down giving water to people and dogs, as well as garbage bags, gloves, etc. The Van also took to their cars any of our friends that had to leave a bit earlier. The Traffic police of Kiffissia was very helpful by keeping the road closed, letting, however, all those who came late pass through and join the hikers that had moved up, helping them clean the rest of the roadside. We must admit that the garbage that people leave behind, especially the glass bottles that are the main cause of fire every summer, seemed endless. But we managed to make everything disappear.!!! We even recovered about ten automobile bumpers that were dumped deep in the trees so that no one could see them! And what can we say about the dogs!!! They walked, they felt free, they socialized (even more!!!) and they all had a great time which ended with them resting at our feet at the coffee shop where we all sat to relax at the end of the day. We would like to thank all of our very good friends for honouring us with their presence, helping us achieve our goal in full. The hike ended at Varybobi square where we had lots of water, coffee, juices, etc. after 2 ½ hours of non-stop clean up. We would like to than the Department the Environmenetal department of the Municipality of Acharnes for its cooperation and of course the Kifissia Traffic Police who stopped all traffic from 11:00 am to 2 p.m. The hike was about 4 kms long and very beautiful, most of it shady. Of course we made it even prettier while conveying a very strong message: that dogs clean up they do not loiter as we do!