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August 2005. SAPT Hellas has just been founded and is desperately looking for volunteers, people and dogs. Bijoux is at the vet clinic of Dr. Ktenas and she is the only one of the 8 siblings who survived consuming rat poison. Thanassis, the vet assistant, gladly accepts to start training classes and still says that these classes and our visits changed the way he communicates with dogs. Thus, Thanassis and Bijoux start joining SAPT’s visits to schools and foundations that until that point, were only done with the help of just Koukla and Liselle. Just two dogs, can you imagine that? Now, imagine this: it’s been six years since Bijoux jointed the team and she is always a “lady”, always balanced with the other dogs and always proud to be accompanying one of the few men of the team. Other, two meter-tall guys like our Thanassis would never even consider handling a dog weighing just 7 kilos, as Bijoux would seem something like a “lesser” dog that deprives them of their “macho” appearance. But Thanassis and Bijoux are sooooo far from such stereotypes.

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