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I am hanging out of a bakery, dragged by the splendid smell! I can’t remember how I got here; all I know is that I am very young and hungry! I am sniffing around and lick small pieces of bread to satisfy my hunger. I don’t think it works, but I don’t lose hope.

Suddenly, I am startled by a noise right beside me. A young girl is reaching out for me. At first, I move away instinctively but right after, I change my mind and approach her boldly, wagging my tail and pulling my ears. She speaks to me in a sweet and calm tone; she takes me in her arms and away from it all! Before I knew it, we arrived at her house, where I met my new four-legged friend Liselle. How I love jumping on top of her and grabbing her with my front legs!

My new mom, Athena, named me “Bigla” because I am a beagle mix. She is asking me to be patient until she finds a suitable family for me who will love me the way I deserve it! But time flies and I don’t want to go and Athena doesn’t want to let me go either! So, I stay. I am thrilled! Athena, Liselle and I make a great team! We go for long walks in the woods, we play around and run together, I have everything I ever wanted! Lately, I wore my very own yellow, shiny vest and visited a place packed with children which humans call “school”. I love kids because if I stand on my hind legs I can reach them and give them as many kisses as I want (or to be exact as many kisses as they’ll let me)!

Every now and then, we pass by the old bakery where I used to hang around in search of food. Sometimes I run into a dog which looks a lot like me. He must be my brother. He is still a stray in the neighborhood and looks as if he is getting used to street life. I wonder if I have more siblings and if some of them have been as lucky as I am. I hope all of them are alive and well and that people are treating them with love and respect.

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