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April 2010, at 7:45 am. Many cars rush people to work, school and to all desired destinations. It is the time we also drive our son to school. Suddenly the driver in front of us hits the breaks and as we look through his windshield, we see another light blue car that has just run over a puppy. The driver of the blue car sees the following cars signaling their parking lights and speeds away, happy that he will not be late for work, since someone else is taking care of his mess… The puppy yelps loudly in the center of the street and Dimitris gets off our car and carefully approaches it. The little one, in total fear gets off the street limping and hides behind some bushes. A lady stops and says “no worries, I will take the puppy, I wanted to get a companion for my dog anyway”. We exchange phone numbers and the lady takes the female puppy to the vet who treats her luckily small injury to the leg. Despite our continuous efforts to convince the lady to leave the puppy at home with her male adult dog, she keeps taking the puppy with her, in her car, wherever she goes. Of course, after a few days, she calls to say she cannot keep the puppy any longer. We name her Baloo, put her in a kennel and we post her ad on our site in hope that someone will adopt her. Unfortunately nobody wants her, maybe because they fear we are not being sincere about her injury having left no physical defect. Twenty days later, we bring her home. She is very fearful and initially a misfit. Slowly but steadily she trust us and our six other socialized dogs. Then we decide that she could be a member of our four-legged team, being handled by Dimitris during our visits to schools and foundations. Today, Baloo weighs 30 kgs, accompanies us to school visits and to foundations for the disabled. She is not yet experienced and her past traumatic experience as a stray and having been run over by a car is still there somewhere; she gets tired easily but soon, she will be as balanced as all the other dogs on our team.