10th Primary School of Athens (5th & 6th grade)

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Client 10th Primary School of Athens (5th & 6th grade)

Project Description

At the 10th Primary School of Athens we met the 5th and 6th grade in two double, consecutive presentations. True, it’s tbeen long since we last spoke about the content of the informative and interactive education we offer to school children:

🐶 Presentation with slides and information about:
Who we are, and more importantly, who our dogs are (half-breeds, former strays, adopted by our members, trained by out team)
Stray dogs: the multiple and grave risks. We do not remain silent if we witness abusive behavior, active or passive
A dog’s needs
What it means to be a dog guardian (not an owner!)
Adoption and sterilisation: taking the ehtical path
How do I get to meet a dog?
Tips for harmonious coexistence and rules of conduct
🐶 Interactive training: From theory to practice with the help of our four-legged companions.
All students receive our informational booklet containing very important information and tips for children (and let’s not forget: also for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, …)