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Oops! One minute I could smell my mom and the next this sweet smell is gone. Hands pick me up an put me inside something blue that creks a lot. Right next to me there is a slice of bread, which I can’t eat, as my teeth are very small; I want milk, this is what I can eat now so I can grow up. Suddenly, silence, I don’t seem to be standing anywhere, what, am I in the air? I hear a roaring sound and then a door (of a car, as I found out later on) opens and closes; then, a man’s voice saying “oh, dear, what is this”? The plastic bag dangles as it’s lifted up and then down again. Then I see light, luckily, not blue anymore. “Someone took care of his problem, meaning got rid of this puppy by hanging it on our door; they even put bread next to it and now they can probably sleep tight at night”. My new family takes me to the vet and it is there that I find out that I came to this world about a month ago. My name is Wacky, and it so suits me, as I never respond to “come” without quickly picking up a toy and bringing along so I can play; Oh, I so love playing!!!! I can fetch the ball all day long. I am a very strong dog, black with a white “shirt”. I fins out that my color is probably why they dint’ want me. I wonder, where my siblings black like me, and, if yes, where could they be now? Oh I can’t even think about it… I forgot to tell you, I am crazy for our team’s yellow outfits. In anticipation, I whimper in the car until I get into the team’s van; there, I totally calm down. And if the other dogs are in a bad mood and growl at each other, I stand between them, lick their mouths and they settle down right away. These kisses, I can’t stop offering them not matter what. Besides, little children love them too.

Our Wacky or Wackaki or our peacemaker as we called her, passed away in the end of March 2016. her life was full of care and love and of course, full of children’s little hansd petting her or playing with her favorite ball.