Our two most important projects are the "Informative Campaign" and the "Pet-Assisted Therapy" projects.

Your support – through a full or partial sponsorship – concerning mainly some of the organization’s operational expenses will allow SAPT Hellas to continue “running” its projects as effectively as it has in the last 12 years.

Some of our needs are:

  • Vehicle insurance, about 500€ per year
  • Sponsoring the organization’s communication needs with the schools, institutions and temporary or permanent dog guardians (web, fixed & mobile telephony).
    Cost: about 30€/month
  • Sponsoring our transportation expenses (fuel, parking, tickets, tolls, etc.) and our accountant
    Cost: about 4.000€ per year.
  • Informational material for schools and institutions, plus office supplies etc.
    Cost: about 700 €/year and office supplies approximately 300€/year
  • Free access of the vehicle within the Athens ring.

By sponsoring SAPT Hellas :

  • You will help in social work against a very acute social problem that concerns us all.
  • You will help socially-challenged groups of people.
  • You will aid our informative campaign project which builds animal welfare awareness and conscience to children
  • You will build bridges with a very active and prominent Non-Profit Organization.
  • You will tighten your bonds with society and the media.
  • You will create and enhance relationships in a wide target group.
Since its founding time in June 2005 and until May 2011, SAPT Hellas’ projects have been fully funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which shared the vision of creating the organization and significantly contributed to its founding and operations. Via three consecutive grants the Foundation funded all of SAPT Hellas’ projects and other operational expenses for the periods 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 (for more information concerning grants to SAPT Hellas, please visit

Last, but not least, we welcome your support via the following ways:

Deposits to our bank account, with the following details:

ASTIKI MI KERDOSKOPIKI ETAIRIA (Non-profit organization)
IBAN: GR9802600280000840200242566

Online donations through your Paypal account, please click on:

Paypal logo
and send money to Please also send us an e-mail with your details so we can issue and send you your receipt (see note below).

Send an SMS

with the word SAPT to 54344
(€1,00 plus 24% VAT per SMS). Complaints: 22954-40005
Above charge is channeled through the premium SMS service provided by M-STAT S.S. (6, Herodotou Street, 10675, Athens, Greece, Tel. 8013003171)


If you are an individual depositing your donation to our bank account or using the Paypal online system,  please send us an e-mail ( with your details (First and last name, postal address with zip code), so we can send you your receipt. If you wish to support a specific project, please state this in your e-mail message so we can issue the receipt accordingly and use the money for this purpose.

If you represent a company wishing to support one or more of SAPT Hellas’ projects, with a commensurate announcement in our website and/or printed materials, please contact us and we will submit -in writing- our per-project budgets for said years.

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