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An incredible 1st countrywide: Our Therapy Dogs at the Children’s & Adolescents’ Oncology-Hematology Clinic of the Heraklion University General Hospital

A milestone goal of SAPT Hellas, an organization founded in 2005 and composed entirely of volunteers, was achieved at noon on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

This was no other than the entry of the mixed-breed, formerly stray and trained therapy dogs Bigla, Napoli, Hiona and Blackie into the wards of the young patients and the corridors of the Clinic.


The children and adolescents – with faces beaming with joy – stroked, hugged, laid their little heads on the soft fur of their four-legged new friends and of course took them for a walk in the corridors of the clinic and in other wards. Close-by were their parents, who didn’t stop “standing tall” and capturing these touching moments, taking pictures and videos.

The honour we have been given is immense and this experience will remain unforgettable because apart from the utter satisfaction we felt as people next to the children with their smiling faces, this step is the epitome of the reason why the non-profit organisation SAPT Hellas was founded: to offer its services to students and to every challenged fellow human being, highlighting at the same time the deeply social face of the dog. Even more so of the former stray dog, which, from being unwanted and discarded like garbage, is once again close to humans to offer them selfless love and companionship.

This PR is also an open invitation to the administrations of hospitals for chronic or incurable diseases for children in Attica to express their interest. Because, of course, we intend to continue on the path shown by the Pa.G.N.H. (Heraklion University General Hospital), either with Animal-Assisted Activities or with regular Animal-Assisted Therapy visits.

More photos from this visit

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