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Please opt to adopt an animal rescued during the recent fire in Eastern Attica

The Prefecture of Attica, through its veterinary directorates and in collaboration with GAVV (the Greek Association of Volunteer Veterinarians, supports a program of fostering/adoption of stray pet animals that have been injured in the fires of Eastern Attica and have found a temporary shelter in private veterinary clinics of North and East Attica.

The Regional Vice Governor of the Norther Sector of the Prefecture, and President of the Committee for Civil Protection of the Region of Attica, Giorgos Karameros, visited vets that have accepted the animals and after thanking volunteers and veterinarians, he said that the Prefecture will support their effort in every way possible while also addressing a plea to citizens to adopt a rescued stray pet. All interested, please call phones 213 210 0531 and 211 012 0025.




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