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Off to Ikaria!

Carol McBeth was awarded the Jeanne Marchig Award 2018 in recognition of her outstanding practical work over thirty years in the field of animal welfare and protection in Greece. In Febrary 2019 and in concert with The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust (UK – The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust) allocated funds to SAPT Hellas, covering a very substantial part of our “Informative Campaign” for the school year 2019-2020 (procurement of a new digital projector of professional specifications, transport and living expenses for a 3-day campaign to the island of Ikaria as well as printing of informational material or the school year 2019-2020). T

Υποστήριξη το 2019, 2011 και 2008

Thanks to this support, members of our team, accompanied by pouched Bigla, Lulu, Hiona and Blackie will find themselves in beautiful Ikaria, this time attending to the needs of high-schools proviing information and interactive education to students of junior high and high, but also to students of the special school of Evdilos.




Four formerly stray, halfbred dogs, just like the many we see all around us daily, adopted and trained today will meet the students many of which were still in primary school when we were again on the island in 2011. It will be very interesting to see what they recall from back then and if they have put this knowledge into practice.

Participating volunteers: Athena Papazoglou, Frosso Matsouka, George Liarikos, Ageliki Sideri and Christina Economou.



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