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Can you be Risotto’s new Mum or Dad?

This beautiful puppy, Risotto, was found with his siblings and his parents in the middle of nowhere in Ritzona and was in danger from people who mistreated puppies. He is a Greek Shepherd Russina sheepdod mix, the veterinarian said after seeing his one little brother who was adopted – so he grow to be big dog! He is very playful and sweet. He will become a great dog. At the moment he is being fostered in the area of Artaki, Evia but he HAS to leave by 6th May. Elisabeth can bring him to his new forever or foster home so long as she is sure he will receive the necessary attention, care and affection that a puppy needs. She can’t keep him herself because her dog is aggressive towards all other dogs. He is three months old.

These type of dogs are magnificent – go on – you know you can’t resist!

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