One eyed Orestes wants to adopt you. Will you say yes?

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Orestes was found in a horrible state in an isolated area in Thebes, with a blow to his head, which most likely had as a result the loss of his right eye. This sweet dog, despite his pain and his weakness, came close to us when he saw us, as he wanted to be pet. We took him to a vet’s, where he underwent an operation (extraction and purification of the contaminated and damaged beyond repair eye). He had, also, blood tests run on him, the results of which showed that he is in perfectly good health, he has been wormed, vaccinated and moved to an area near where we live, so that we can check up on him (we have many animals and one of our two male dogs becomes aggressive towards him). Orestes gained enough weight and now awaits for his permanent sweet and loving home! He is a playful and very affectionate creature! He is about 9-10 months old, of medium size, and overall a very healthy and very friendly dog.


Orestes is waiting patiently for the human that will offer him the permanent and warm hug that he is looking for. If you would like to meet him, call 697 3996304 and ask for Helen (contact hours: 17:00-22:00).


If you wish to meet Orestes, the whole process of meeting with him and checking to see if you and him get along well, as well as the free-of-charge training support will be undertaken by SAPT Hellas, along with the coverage of the costs of the microchip placement and of sweet Orestes’ registration under your name as his lawful owner. So, in case, you would like to adopt him and let us offer our help to you , please fill-out our questionnaire.