Lambros a truly superb young lad!

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Lambros was found in Neo Psychiko – Athens. He is about 2 ½ years old (estimated date of birth: March 2014) and weighs 25 kilos. Labros is naturally de-wormed, vaccinated and absolutely healthy (he has also had blood tests). He is very sociable, doesn’t bark without a reason, loves to be petted and gets along very well with people (both adults and children) and animals. He is for now being kenneled at a private dog kennel.

Microchip No: 945000001370496.

You can meet Lambros through SAPT Hellas after you fill in our adoption questionnaire. Its purpose is for us to get a picture of your lifestyle, your previous experience of dogs, but also the time and space allocated to Labros. In this case, there will be a meeting of you and the dog, in our presence, in order to see what you think of Labros, but also what he thinks of you, since there is a this thing called “chemistry”, which, to us, plays a very important role. When the “chemistry” is good, along with our free training support, usually everything goes well. But you can also contact the exceptional lady who rescued and has been taking care of him for a whole year, to spare him of the cruel destiny that awaited him as a stray and who has also undertaken the obligation to cover the expense of his neutering before adoption. Tel: 697 8061909 (Michalina)


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