Gorgeous half-bred Rottweiler

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This young dog was found in the area of Kypseli three months ago by the father of a young lady, who is now looking after him, since her father is now unfortunately bedridden. The dog has been vaccinated and his microchip’s number is 900062000212863. It is urgent that he gets adopted since the young lady cannot make him listen to her during his walks, no matter how hard she tries, as the dog is a big, half-breed Rotweiler, as far as we can tell, and she herself suffers as well from a rather serious illness. However, despite all of her problems, she is still looking after this adorable dog. He is truly a giant with a warm heart. He is also rather young, (18 months old only), and he needs to be adopted by a human who knows dogs and who will be able to help him socialize. Contact details: 699 3555887, please ask for Electra