Frosso the Evian gal

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Frosso was found on the 28th of October 2014 in the town of Neo Prokopi on the island of Evia -Saint John the Russian’s village. She was about four months old back then; her mother and/or any siblings that she might had were nowhere to be found. She approached us and, although a bit reluctant in the beginning, it was obvious that she wanted us to pet her. She wouldn’t stop following us and we couldn’t leave such an adorable little creature in the rain. As soon as we held her in our arms, she immediately relaxed. In the car, despite the many turns and the rather long for such a young dog distance all the way to Athens, she did not get sick or scared at all! On the contrary, she took a deep long nap. She is an adorable, intelligent, playful and rather sweet and tender little creature, while she is also a good guard dog (audible alarm, without obsessive barking). She has a cute little face, while her paws and the end of her tail look as if she has dipped them in white paint! She has been examined by a volunteer dog trainer with many years of experience, who thinks that Frosso is indeed adorable and who also estimated that she is very stable. When we call her to come to us, she literally runs like crazy towards us, always looking to be pet.

Frosso has been wormed, both for endoparasites and ectoparasites and she has been vaccinated. Her chip number is 900182001138108. We have also run some blood tests on her, which showed that she is in perfectly good health. She is a small dog (weighing about 10 kilos), and she won’t be growing any longer.

Frosso is now staying in a boarding kennel and if you wish to meet her you can call Evangelia at 6980-319699. But, for even better support, you could fill-out our questionnaire so that volunteer dog training instructors can join your meeting with Frosso and, if all goes well and you decide to adopt her, then also help you, free-of-charge- with her adaptation to your home.

Frosso is currently staying at a boarding kennel. The girl who found her is covering the monthly fee. However, it is urgent that the right home for Frosso will be found soon, since the same girl found and is covering the costs of another dog as well, George. If you would like to meet George,If you would like to meet her, feel free to contact Evangelia on 6980-319699. However, for even greater support, you could fill out our questionnaire , so that our volunteer dog training instructors can assist you with your meeting with her. If all goes well and you and Frosso get along with each other and you eventually decide to adopt her, then we will also offer to you our free-of-charge help and support while she is adapting to her new home.