Filiates Thesprotias – Can you help?

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Mr. Dimitris Sioutis started helping animals as many other people do with the help of three trusted friends. However, all three of his friends left the country and Mr. Dimitris is now alone. The animals were initially more than forty, a fact also confirmed by a journalist friend of his who is helping him and sent us the pictures, but are now around twenty. So, it seems that Mr. Dimitris is not an animal hoarder. His despair was evident in our long conversation on the phone. Among the animals there are recently abandoned puppies and mothers which have not been spayed. As he cannot afford neutering them, he separates the females from the males when the females are in heat. All of this takes place in the Municipality of Filiates, one of the three municipalities of the prefecture of Thesprotia (Igoyumenitsa and Souli are the other two) where only one animal welfare organization exists, based in Igoumenitsa covering the whole prefecture and which probably cannot help. You will see Mr. Dimitris’ account number in this text and of course you are most welcome to help him. You can also help him by sending food or undertaking the cost of spaying/neutering of some of the animals. You can also contribute by using SAPT Hellas as “safe” intermediary and make a deposit in our bank account. We will issue a receipt for any monies received contact a local veterinarian, pay him and then also request and offer the veterinarian’s receipt for the services rendered. Of course an amount of money for food is also needed, as Mr. Dimitris’s supply of food is only sufficient until September 30th. If nobody helps, that’s it! Mr. Dimitri supply of dry food is 80 kilos for every 12 days. However the «shelter» is informal and we feel that the best solution would be for twenty animal welfare organizations with facilities, take JUST ONE ANIMAL. If 20 organizations do so, there will no longer be a problem. This is what Mr. Dimitris asks for above all, since he is now alone, people may continue to abandon animals while he lives there and this may never end. Is it possible?

Regardless of what you decide is best, here are all the details:

Mr. Dimitri’s phone number: 6907-114540 and account number in Piraeus Bank: GR 9501 7129 9000 6299 1268 55904 (Dimitrios Sioutis).

SAPT Hellas account number in Eurobank: GR 9802 6002 8000 0840 2002 42566 (SAPT Hellas). You must certainly include details in the following format: your mobile phone, surname and either «for neutering Filiates» or «for food Filiates» depending on your preference. Tomorrow we will have the specific number of females that have not been neutered and puppies in order to give a priority to those animals.

Update September 23rd, 2014: Amongst the 20 dogs, 8 are males and 12 are females, please remember, NOT spayed. Of these, 5 are adults and the other seven are still puppies.