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There’s so much to be said about this gentleman….Edward was one of the tortured beings that would soon be dead in the shelter–hell in Romania… alone and wounded he awaited his death in a corner of his “cell”.

When we got him he weighed only 25 kilos, clearly emaciated, afraid and suffering from heartworm disease, with wounds all over his body and a tumor that was fortunately caused by weakness and not something worse, as we initially thought and feared …. Edward received treatment. Luckily, his heartworm disease was at an early stage, and today Prince Edward is ready for a home…

During this whole period, and after what he had been through, Edward fought his battles with patience and perseverance and came out a winner…

Today he is strong, very healthy and very handsome. However, we can see the sadness in his eyes as he is not as happy as he and we would like him to be ….

He lives in a boarding kennel and is waiting for his forever home; one that will give him enough love to make up for the 7 years of torture and neglect he has endured.

He is a gorgeous Labrador mix, 7 years old, but very active for his age and now weighing almost 35 kilos. He wants to dominate over other dogs, so he should be homed with no other doggies. He gets on wonderfully with people. He has been neutered, has a microchip (94100015819601) and will be homed with an adoption contract within Attica to truly animal-loving people who will give him lots of love for the rest of his life ♥

Give our sweet prince a chance. He deserves it after all he has been through.

Contact number: 6985721260