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Hello, I’m CESAR!
I’m the big guy with the golden heart!
I’m 6yrs old more or less and I was abandoned as a puppy.
“Somebody” left me on the road.
For the first 3yrs of my life I lived on the streets of Markopoulo, Athens, Greece.
Two times I witnessed my best buddies, strays too of course, being poisoned but I don’t know how, I came through without being poisoned myself!
I really saw them suffering and dying though… sniff!
At that time some guys picked me up, had me fully checked, found me ok, and neutered me and … left me on the road… again!
The next year, 4th of my life, I was hanging around the neighbourhood where everybody took good care of me, especially the kids.
I really love kids… I adore them, actually! Despite my looks and size, the kids were not afraid of me and we played together, we were hugging on every chance, showing each other plenty of affection!
But … of course there were 2-3 “good neighbours” who didn’t like me or any other of my kind.
They were coming after me with sticks and rods and even tried to pull me away with ropes. They were causing troubles and fights all the time, every day. EVERYDAY! I was no nuisance I was just trying to “belong”.
They were especially fighting over my presence with the family of Grizzly, my best girlfriend, with whom I hung around during her walks and she liked me much. I heard people in the neighbourhood fighting over me every single day! To give you an idea of the intensity of the situation, the good guys the owners of Grizzly, brought me a bed, and placed it in the parking area for me to sleep at night and the bad guys took it away from me the very next day, along with my water bowl!
But that was the last of my troubles.
Since then (April 2013) I went with Grizzly’s family in a very special place, a dog pension where I’ve been ever since.
Here everybody is taking good care of me; I have good company and many buddies to play with. “My Grizzly” often visits me too!

I ‘m perfectly ok! Really-really fine! I must be a lucky guy!
But, am I? …. I really lack a true home and family… No dog pension can ever be a true home they tell me! I know nothing about this, but they tell me I would fit right in!
I need more games with MY family…
I need your love and affection…
Is it YOU that I’m looking for? Please think about it!
I behave like a puppy, I obey to commands I walk perfectly on a leash even if a small kind is walking me.
They are telling me that I’m some mix of Sharpei and something else … but I don’t really care… do you? I am Cesar, that’s who I am!
If you want to meet me and see how we get along…contact SAPT Hellas, think about it. if we like each other, then why not live together?Fill-out this adoption questionnaire.  Court registration number: 8533/14-06-2005 – SAPT Hellas.
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