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My name is Lulu and I was born during a chilly February, just outside the Athens area. They took me from my mother and siblings and threw me in a field; I would truly have died, hadn t it been for my three good fairies. My first good fairy, a sweet blonde, rescued me, cleaned me and gave me food and a warm home. There, I had the company of her seven other dogs who taught me my first games. Soon after that, my second good fairy came into my life, a nice brunette. This one I chose to be my “mom”. Winning her affection was a piece of cake… It just took some cunning behavior and a little crawling up her arms and that was it! The next day, she took me home and since then, we are together. But, I also have a third good fairy. She is short-haired, nagging, three-colored and her name is Tai. That one I have not won yet… See, she was the queen of the house and now she has to share all the attention with me. But, she loves me, I can see it in her eyes when we play and she even lets me jump on her head and bite her ears. Or, when we play tug-o-war together I am the one who always wins… Oh, I m sorry, I have to go now; mom has forgotten a big piece of cheese on the kitchen table so we are having a party; With Tai of course. I will get my feet on the table to get the cheese and then we will share it on mom s favorite rug, in the living room of course!

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